Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blogging Has Been Unbloggable

I haven't been able to blog in January, because between the second day of the month and the end of last week, my computer was crippled by problems with the display.

My first step was to go to the local Apple Store, where I was told that my six-year-old computer is considered "vintage", which means that it is so old that Apple doesn't stock parts for it anymore.

And so, if you were wondering who that guy was walking around Pentagon City Mall forlornly clutching a laptop from the Sumerian era, now you know.

But some good did come from my this event, because a man saw me holding my ancient iBook, and asked me if there was an Apple Store in the mall, and I could tell him that it was "one floor down and kind of over that way".

And indeed even more good came from this event, because, despite not being able to repair the computer, the people at the Apple Store correctly diagnosed the problem. I was thus able to overrule the technician at the non-Apple computer store who did not correctly diagnose the problem, and wanted me to spend $350 on a component that I didn't need.