Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

(I felt that I should have one more post for August.)

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Olympics Triplecast

The summer Olympics are almost here, and my only thought on the subject is wondering whether NBC will bring back the Olympics Triplecast.  

And if they bring back the Olympics Triplecast, will they have Bill Cosby do another commercial for it?

Okay, maybe not . . . 

If I were a sports fan, I would probably have a head full of Olympic memories about Michael Phelps, and Mary Lou Retton, and Bruce Jenner from before . . . well, it’s probably best not to get into all that. 

But I’m not a sports fan, so all that I remember about the Olympics from my youth is the Triplecast, which I never actually saw (nor did many other people), and which was a financial disaster for its network. 

I wish that I had had an opportunity to discuss the issue with the president of NBC.

Me: Will NBC be bringing back the Olympics Triplecast for the 2016 Olympics?

President of NBC: There are no plans to do that.

Me: Will there be any plans in the future, like for the winter Olympics, or the next summer Olympics?

President of NBC: No. 

Me: How about applying the Triplecast retroactively to the 2012 Olympics?

(On a final note, I’ve spent the last few decades thinking that the program was called the “Olympic Triplecast”, but upon researching this post I found that the correct name was “Olympics Triplecast”.)