Friday, February 12, 2010

The Blog Begins

Well then, here it is, my new blog. I've been meaning to set it up for a while, but unfortunately I've been feeling really tired. I tried using my holiday season free time for the blog, but I couldn't quite get things together. Now I am taking the opportunity presented by the Washington area's recent freakish snowstorms.

I used to be one of the bloggers on a site called Wandering Army, run by Marc P. Brush. Marc would blog about things like the death of David Foster Wallace, an important literary figure who wore a do-rag. And I would blog about the dream that I had where I saw KISS performing in a shopping mall with two additional members, one of whom banged two metal sheet music stands together in time to the music.

Marc discontinued Wandering Army in the spring of 2009. I hope to put my old Wandering Army posts back online in some form, but right now I'm not sure of the best way to do that.

Unlike Wandering Army, this blog will allow comments (at least until I become convinced that comments are a bad idea, and turn them off).

The name of the blog is Scaly Distractions. "Scaly" calls to mind reptiles and (more specifically) dinosaurs, one of the areas that I hope to cover. Distractions refers to the fact that there will probably never be anything here that is in any way important; I can only hope to offer amusing distractions to the reader.

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