Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's hard to believe that it's been two months since my millipede entry.  I have a huge number of topics about which I want to blog, but not much time or energy to actually do the blogging.  I do feel that I should put up at least one post every month, though.  Since life is full of questions, I thought that I would make my sole June post about important current questions.  (Unfortunately, I couldn't post this on the last day of June due to technical difficulties, and now it is almost July, and I thought that I should finally make myself post this.)  

1. What are bitcoins? Should I know?

2. Am I expected to make a statement on the current Paula Deen controversy? 

3. What did we learn on the show tonight, Craig? (Okay, this is more of a question for Craig Ferguson from his cat.)

4. Do I look like the kind of person who would have a cigarette?  Last month I was in Virginia Beach, and I was walking down the street at night, and these three teenaged boys ride by on bicycles, and the the first one says, "You got a cigarette?", and I think, "Is this the prelude to a crime?", and say "No".  Then the second teenaged boy rides by, and then the third, and the the third says, "You got a cigarette?"  I look like the kind of person who would have a calculator.  But I don't think that I look like the kind of person who'd have a cigarette. 

5. Do I look like the kind of person who would have bitcoins?

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