Thursday, October 29, 2015

We Can Do Better Than the Bunnyman

Now is the Halloween season, when we are inclined to consider the tales that bring fear.  Here in Northern Virginia, we have only one horror-related urban legend—the Bunnyman, a guy in a rabbit costume who assaults people with an axe at a railroad bridge in southwestern Fairfax County.  (And I doubt how widespread the legend really is. I grew up in this area, and only heard about the Bunnyman sometime in the last ten years via the internet.)

In my opinion, this Bunnyman, or really any bunnyman, is too silly to be scary.  Northern Virginia needs something better.  Can't we find a ghost, or a werewolf, or a zombie, or some sort of giant evil bird, or a possessed lawn mower, or even a big creeping mound of peat moss with strangely human-like intelligence?

If anyone out there is attacked by the Bunnyman, I hope that he at least has the decency to sing you some Eighties alternative before chopping you with his axe.

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