Friday, November 4, 2016

Maybe We Could Have a Mummy Resurgence

The Halloween season is coming to an end.  Soon the last of the plastic skeletons and fake spiderwebs will be removed from front yards.  Normally Halloween inspires me to blog, but this year I just didn’t feel it, for a variety of reasons.

I do have one thought in the general field of spookiness.  We are currently in a zombie craze, centered on The Walking Dead.  And before that we had a long period of vampire popularity, centered on the Twilight books and movies, as well as various television shows.

My hope is that the next stock horror creature to capture the public’s imagination will be the mummy.  Compared to vampires and zombies, mummies are more closely based in historical reality (except of course for the rising from the dead part). We would get a chance to visit the ancient and alien world of the pharaohs, where the Nile winds its way through the desert sands in the shadow of strange stone monuments. 

Plus we’d get to use cool words like sarcophagus, sphinx, and obelisk.

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