Sunday, September 30, 2012

Steve Higgins and Robert Gibbs . . . Separated at Birth?

This presidential campaign, which seems as if it has being going on since I was in eighth grade, continues to go on.  By this point, I have seen so many televised political ads that I've developed an almost uncontrollable urge to end my blog entries by writing "I'm Mitt Robertson, and I approved this post."

Discussing controversial political opinions is the last thing that I want to do on this blog.  My only vaguely political observation at the moment is to point out the uncanny physical similarity between Steve Higgins, who stands behind a lectern on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Robert Gibbs, who stood behind a lectern at the Obama White House.  

Steve Higgins:

Robert Gibbs:

Maybe it's the lectern that does it.  

I'm Mitt Robertson, and I approved . . . oh, wait. 

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